Reading and Empathy

I was recently a guest writer over at the World Literacy Foundation blog.

Literacy and eduction are both issues  very close to my heart, so it was a joy for me to contribute to this wonderful organisation. Read my article here, and while you’re there, check out the other posts and this amazing foundation!


Event: Marie Darrieuessecq in conversation with Chloe Hooper

I wish every Monday night could be as literary as this one was! Last Monday (May 23), I attended the event held at Readings Carlton, which was to be an interview of French author Marie Darrieussecq about her recently translated novel, Men.

(Pro tip: book events are well-accompanied by an early dumpling dinner).250px-Marie_Darrieussecq-Strasbourg_2011_(4)

I ended up there thanks to my boyfriend, who saw me get so excited by the event announcement in Readings Monthly that he said, “We should go!” The reason why I almost spit out my latte in eagerness was because I had translated the prologue/part of the first chapter for my French Translation class the year before. The fact that an *official* English translation had been released (in contrast to my “attempt”) made me simultaneously ecstatic and a little nervous. Continue reading